The Funny t-shirt factory
The Funny t-shirt factory” е компания създадена пред 1992 година. Основен предмет на дейността е изработка на щампи върху тениски по идея на клиента или по готов модел.
Всякя една тениска се изработва на място, пред клиента в рамките на 5 минути.
Дългогодишният ни опит ни позволява да гарантираме професионално и високо качество на обслужване.
Работим с най-добрите машини за изработка на щампи. Материалите ни са с европейски сертификат за качество.
В нашите обекти работят професионалисти който ще ви помогнат да сбъднете всяка една ваша идея върху тениска.


Sam is an integrative nutrition coach and yoga instructor with over 10 years of professional experience working with private coaching clients, businesses and international schools as well as outdoor adventure retreats and projects across Europe, SE Asia, Mauritius and Seychelles.
Since aged twenty one Sam has been an entrepreneur and published magazines in several languages on health and adventure while working with thousands of people on retreats, workshops and coaching 1-1 clients all over the world.
After being inspired by his parents at an early age to pursue yoga, nutrition and adventure he moved to the beautiful mountains of the Lake District in the UK where he completed his degree in Outdoor Educational Studies (Cumbria University of Science, Natural Recourses and Outdoors) which focused on powerful methods to teach self development through adventure, mindfulness and psychology.
Sam then continued to study in the field of integrative nutrition (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and Yoga (Dru Yoga).
Sam’s philosophy on health is not just about ‘food’ but also about how we eat. Food is also about what we consume from our environment, relationships, the connection with ourselves and others which are then reflected in our habits, actions, behaviour and health. When we understand the route causes of our problems we can work on positive change to become the best version of ourselves in the most enjoyable and fun way.
Now based in Varna, Bulgaria he continues the vision to empower people through supporting and guiding individuals to reach their highest goals and dreams.
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All the best